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Ephedrine for asthma relief

Despite all the achievements of mankind in science and technology, medicine has invented only a few ways to treat asthma. Using ephedrine seems the most acceptable of them.
Ephedrine is the drug which chemical properties are similar to those of adrenalin that stimulates autonomous nervous system. Ephedrine is extracted from the plant ephedra. Ephedra is one of the rare plants which contain alkaloids. According to its effect on human alkaloids vary: there are drugs, poisons and medicines. And ephedra contains alkaloids, which increase muscle power. One of the alkaloids called ephedrine. Here are the names of the other: pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, N-methylephedrine, N-metilpsevdoefedrin and norpsevdoefedrin. Ephedrine is the main ingredient in ephedra – its content from 40 to 90% (depending on location).
All this may seem to you a distant exotic, but you probably have already used the ephedrine alkaloids, and more than once. Pseudoephedrine is included in all new-funds-bags against cold.
Ephedrine applied: to narrow blood vessels and reduce the inflammatory phenomena with rhinitis, as a means to increase the blood pressure during surgical interventions (particularly in the spinal anesthesia), with trauma, blood losses, infectious diseases, hypotension illness, etc. Also used (often in combination with other) in bronchial asthma, and sometimes with hay fever, urticaria, serum sickness and other allergic diseases, with myasthenia, sleeping disease, poisoning by soporifics and drugs, with enuresis. Effect when enuresis is linked to a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, with sleep becoming less deep and easier when you wake up the urge for urination. (See also imipramine). Local solution of ephedrine used as mean for expanding the pupil (to the diagnostic purpose, in ophthalmic practice).
Bronchodilators for the treatment of asthma (e.g., Primatene ephedrine for cough relief and Bronkaid 25mg ephedrine) contain adrenaline, which relaxes the muscles around the breathingways. They provide short-term relief, but do not help in controlling the disease or stopping asthma attacks. They are not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, or cardiovascular system diseases.
If you use bronchodilators for the treatment of asthma, but its effect is not valid or you'll have to take it for more than two times a week, consult with your doctor, pharmacy or consultant for asthma. There are other medications that will help you to control the disease and live full life.