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Anabolic steroids - How To Buy

Anabolic steroids have been in the news for all kinds of reasons in recent times. Anabolic steroids are actually chemicals that resemble natural hormones which are produced by our bodies. They are androgenic and therefore are known to produce androgenic effects when used by people on their bodies. They were originally manufactured to safely and legally treat certain types of hormone imbalances and other muscle –wasting diseases. Gradually they found an illegal market in the form of athletes who seek an unfair edge in competitions. Anabolic steroids are known to increase muscle mass while at the same time decrease fat. They are known to be particularly effective in decreasing abdominal fat. These androgens are known to be the cause of hypertrophy of muscle fibers although the mechanism is still not completely understood. Androgens are also known to play an important anti- catabolic role which inhibits skeletal muscle atrophy the action being independent of the ultimate androgen receptor.

Different types of anabolics are known to bind to the androgen receptor in varying degrees based on their actual chemical make up. Anabolics are mainly administered through three common routes. Steroids in pill forms are taken orally. Anabolics are also transdermal and injectable. While oral administration is the most convenient way of administration, the oral steroids then have to be chemically modified before administering orally. Injectable steroids are administered intramuscularly while transdermal administration takes place through gels or patches or creams. Transdermal administration has been gaining in popularity in recent times. One major reason for the increased publicity of anabolic steroids is perhaps their use by Olympic athletes who take these steroids for enhancing athletic performance and in some instances to quickly recover from muscle related injuries.

Anabolic are known to cause increased protein synthesis from amino acids. They also increase bone growth and appetite. One major effect of anabolics lies in the simulation of the bone marrow which results in increased red blood cells. Androgenic effects of anabolic steroids include growth of clitoris in females and penis in the case of males. Another androgenic effect of anabolics is the growth of hair. Other major androgenic effects include increased libido and deepening of the voice due to the increase in the size of the vocal cord.

Anabolics are closely linked to testosterone, the sex hormone responsible for physical maturation and sexual development. Testosterone in men is responsible for masculine characteristic. Anabolics are administered in most cases to people who cannot produce enough of their own testosterone.

Anabolics Steroids market

Usually in the case of countries like Canada and the United states, anabolic steroids are purchased just like in the case with any other illegal drug. While most of the users would prefer to buy them for legal and legitimate sources it is not always a possibility of generally strict restrictive laws against possessing these steroids. This is the reason for counterfeit steroids being available in the black –market. There are other countries like Thailand and Mexico where they can be bought with relative ease. There are certain other countries where they are not illegal and thus can be bought with much more ease. There are making fake steroids which are available on the internet too, which is a matter of grave concern.

Recent times have seen an increased publicity surrounding the legal issues related to steroid abuse among professional athletes and students. In fact steroid abuse has been found to be alarmingly high among athletes at all levels and high school students. This is a matter of concern since steroid abuse is known to cause several complications. Steroid abuse can lead to heart attacks, strokes or even liver failure. Androgenic effects could vary from impotency in men to voice changes in women. This is the reason why many an organization is working towards raising awareness about this particular form of drug abuse and the legal issues involved.